Visual Artist

Virginia D'Angelo, Visual Artist

Virginia D'Angelo

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1963.

  • Master of LAC. DAV. UNA, (2019).

  • Specialist in Combined Artistic Languages, LAC. DAV. UNA, (2017).

  • Bachelor in Visual Arts, (2003).

  • Permanent Professor at the Visual Arts Department of UNA, (2003).

  • Research Teacher Category III, (2017).

  • Jury in teacher appointing UNA, (2010, 2015, 2018).

  • Jury of sculptural objects for trophies at the College of Architects, province of Buenos Aires, City of La Plata, (2015). 

  • Guest artist representing Latin America in “de Milán” (2015) where she taught theoretical and practical courses.

  • Pro-Academic Secretary of the Visual Arts Department UNA, (2007 - 2009).

  • Member of the Group of Public Art and Muralism “Muro Sur” with mural works in Argentina and Paraguay, (2004, 2005, 2007).

  • Organizer of the art and politics exhibits at the Centro Cultural Padre Múgica, Argentina, (2019).

  • Director-organizer of the gender-based, art-politics, diversity and equal opportunities exhibits of the national university teacher’s union ADIUNA, Argentina, (2019).

  • Jury at the VIII Biennial of Textile Art. WTA. Madrid, Spain, (2019).

  • Co-director, along with visual artist Carmen Imbach, of the installation of the exhibit project “Panal” “Romper el techo” for International Women’s Day at the C. Cultural del Municipio de Móstoles -Madrid – Spain. (2020).

  • Important participations in national as well as international exhibitions, receiving awards and mentions from private and state institutions.

National and International Exhibitions and Participations



  • International exhibition, XI International Biennial of Fiber Art "From Lausanne to Beijing". China.

  • Virtual international exhibition "Covid19" Collective Project "Portraits of a confinement". France.

  • International installation exhibition for International Women's Day by the group Panal "Romper el ceiling" Móstoles, Madrid, Spain.

  • International exhibition “I forgot that I forgot”. Lugo, Spain.

  • Virtual exhibition "Chinstraps". CAAT Buenos Aires, Argentina.



  • International exhibition of the artist's book competition. Móstoles, Madrid, Spain.

  • Jury at the VIII Biennial of Textile Art. WTA. Madrid Spain.

  • Collective Exhibition "Mexican Contemporary Textile Art". La Manufacture Roubaix Museum. Roubaix, France.

  • Show "Sovereignty, Art and Politics". Father Mugica Cultural Center, Argentina.

  • Show "Loyalty, Art and Politics". Father Mugica Cultural Center, Argentina.

  • Show "Memory, Art and Politics". Padre Múgica Cultural Center in commemoration of March 24. Argentina.



  • Jury in teaching competitions UNA, Argentina.

  • Show "Women are Ours". Woman's Look Space. Argentina.

  • Speaker at the VIII LAC Symposium. DAV. A. Argentina.



  • Exhibition within the framework of the VII LAC symposium. DAV. A. Argentina.

  • Show "Ephemeris III". Borges Cultural Center. Argentina.

  • It shows “Repasadorazo”. Art Center of the National University Teaching Guild, FEDUN - ADIUNA. Argentina.


2016 - 2017

  • Exhibition in the National Senate Library in the framework of the 10 years of the women's research center. Argentina.

  • Group exhibition Malvinas Argentinas in the Hall of the Senate of the Nation. Argentina.

  • Archimboldo Gallery. Argentina.

  • Exhibition of Artists' Books "The Intervened Language". Junín Prov. Bs.As., Córdoba and Rosario, Argentina.



  • Sculpture Object Contest Jury for trophies. College of Architects of Prov. Of Bs. As. City of La Plata, Argentina.

  • Guest artist to the International Show at the Milan Expo "Arte Senza Confini" representing Latin America and giving courses in the same setting. Lainate, Milan, Italy.

  • Exhibition of works and installations in the framework of the Commemoration of Women's Day, Rivadavia Park, CABA, Argentina.



  • Exhibition of works and facilities within the framework of the Commemoration of Women's Day, Ministry of National Security. Argentina.


2013 - 2014

  • Invited artist in the Conference II and III of Visibility of Trafficking in Women by the Ministry of Security of the Argentine Nation. Argentina.


2010 - 2013

  • Sample of University Chairs of the Department of Visual Arts. A. Argentina.



  • Jury in Teaching Competitions. A. Argentina.


2004 -2005 -2009

  • Visual Artist Member of the Group of Public Art and Muralism. South Wall with mural works in the Province of Bs.As., San Cosme, Province of Corrientes, Argentina; Asuncion, Paraguay.