Confinement portraits (Day 9)

Retratos de encierro (Dia 9)

Conceptual memory of the work I did for Lugo Spain - group exhibition with the Association "Blanco, Negro, Magenta" inaugurating my incorporation to this group of feminist women artists in this exhibition.

"The memories have passed from me", belonging to the series "Emancipated Bodies", brings to my memory the unremembered memories of my maternal grandmother. Those that put every forgetfulness in suspense, echoes of failures in attention due to the stress that daily life causes. Stuns that cause the change of places, a fugitive and engulfed memory!

Technical Sheet: Textile developments on synthetic and vegetable warps, embroidered with colored waxed threads, and modeled on metallic mesh.

Title of the work: "The memories have passed from me."

Portrait of Confinement "Chinstraps intervened"

Retrato de Encierro “Barbijos intervenidos”

“My body is mine”

The stitches within the various fabrics hint, in writing, the complex weave of women’s claims, organizing the struggles of differences; promoting a proactive society that creates a new, and more sustainable city, and at the center of it, women as a sustainable body of differences. 
An architecture of fabrics joined by stitches of threads, combine and mark the essence of the bodies modelled in interwoven wire, becoming present after so much silence.

Portraits of Confinement

Retratos de Encierro

 “Unmarked Body” 
The tangle of vegetal and synthetic fibers, tied by stitches of threads of contrasting colors, mark, by means of embroidery, a place, a territory. Territory or sustainable city by culture, where the women struggle to manage the human resources of the differences adding them to a larger group; represented by this tangle of fabrics as architectures that create new spaces. Spaces where a text is inscribed, as an integrating element, reformulating the "being" within the framework of a sustainable city.