XI International Biennial of Fiber Art "From Lausanne to Beijing"

"Rag Dolls 2"



Rag dolls 2

Memory comprises labyrinthine spaces that contain collective memories. These memories can bring answers to build a new order in the present, making in the future a new way of thinking about human relationships.

Having been able to establish the deaths of women as femicides is because humanity was able to put into words, through the struggle of women, what is not named. The acts committed in the history of humanity, towards us, were of the utmost gravity, in a cultural and institutional context of discrimination and gender violence, accompanied by a series of actions of extreme violence and dehumanizing content, such as torture, mutilation, burns. , cruelty and sexual violence against women and girls.

Today all "them" come to mind as images of overwhelming savagery, to begin to clean up so many rivers of blood spilled by their own and others.

Thanks to the ancestral memory of the women who joined in these struggles, we have managed to put between the ropes the absolutism of patriarchy that engulfed us for centuries!

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Exhibition "Greve Museum" Covid 19

"Portraits of a confinement"



"Portraits of a confinement"

Closure of a mandatory isolation. Registered as agents of doubtful or lethal contagion. Anguish for not having certainty, except if symptoms appear or if you actually get sick.

Growing anxiety waiting for this to end. Feelings that surround you in conflicting sensations, dark thoughts and no accurate answer.

Healing confinement in a society that needs to learn solidarity.

Portraits of a confinement is a series that was created in the workshop of Carmen Imbach Visual Artist, during the mandatory quarantine that we carried out together after the return from our performance in Spain, the quarantine having already been declared and the borders of our country closed because of of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Here we begin a series that we do and think together. Our productions were affected by personal feelings that we decided to spread together. We send virtual national and international samples. Thus we undertook this joint project of realizations and productions of works.

I made this Mask and is part of this joint project, made in textile techniques whose measurements are 22cm X 35cm long. The weft generated by the red, black and white threads build an organic warp that contaminates the face, achieving a feeling of suffocation.

Virtual Exhibition "Chinstraps" CAAT

"Portraits of a confinement"

Buenos Aires, Argentina


This work was made during the mandatory quarantine after the return from Spain in Carmen Imbach's workshop. The realization of this work together "Portraits of a confinement".

International Virtual Covid19 Exhibition

Collective Project "Portraits of a confinement"



Closure of a mandatory isolation.

Registered as agents of doubtful or lethal contagion.

Anguish for not having certainty, except if symptoms appear or if you actually get sick.

Growing anxiety waiting for this to end.

Feelings that surround you in conflicting sensations.

Dark thoughts and no accurate answer.

A healing confinement for a society that needs to learn what solidarity is.


Names: Virginia D`Angelo - Carmen Imbach

Title: Portraits of confinement (Day 9)

Technique: Textile

Sustainable materials: Sewing threads, silk, macramé and binders, Fleece, waxed threads, tulle.

Measurements: 23 x 29 cm

Year: 2020

Shows prostitution against Gender Violence




International exhibition "I forgot that I forgot"

"Memories have passed from me" from the Emancipated Bodies Series

Lugo, Spain


"Memories have passed from me" from the Emancipated Bodies Series

Textile developments on syntactic and vegetal warps, embroidered with colored waxed threads, and modeled on metallic mesh.

Memories that have passed from me, brings to my memory the unremembered memories of my maternal grandmother. Those that put every forgetfulness in suspense, echoes of failures in attention due to the stress that daily life causes.

International Installation Exhibition for International Women's Day

Collective Panal "Break the ceiling"

Móstoles, Madrid, Spain


International exhibition of the artist's book competition

"Artist Book Emancipated Bodies"

Móstoles, Madrid, Spain


Collective Exhibition

"Mexican Contemporary Textile Art"

Roubaix, France


Shows Imprisoned Women

Organized by the White Black Magenta Association

"Artist Book Emancipated Bodies"

Madrid Spain


With the title 'Women Incarcerated, among many others', the Association of White, Black and Magenta women artists presents its new exhibition tour at the Museum of Women of Costa Rica.

"Incarcerated Women, among many others" raises, from the vision that art contributes, not only the situation of physical imprisonment but also many other situations that address the same concept.

The original Concha Mayordomo Project shows a set of works that the artists of Blanco, Negro and Magenta have done on women, both those outstanding throughout history, as well as others less known and even invisible, but all of them with the common denominator of rebellion and nonconformity typical of the times and contexts in which they lived.

In this area, very disparate figures coexist in impossible space-time coordinates; some, easily identifiable by their portraits while others are precisely because of their absence. Figurations and abstractions also coexist with different artistic disciplines, from collage to photography, drawing or painting, forming part of a truly surprising set. All the works have been made in the banner format that unifies them and invites you to contemplate a journey through history, cultures, different geographies and beliefs, from classicism to the present time.

The artists participating in the show are Aline Part, Almudena Armenta, Amalie Leschamps, Ana de Blas, Antonia Valero, Blanca Prendes, Carmen Imbach, Charo Corrales, Concha Cortés, Concha Mayordomo, Dora Román, Emi Azor, Esther Guardamino, Eugenia Canal , Eva Rodríguez, Lo Super, Mara Sancho, María Jesús Manzanares, Marga Colás, Marta Albarrán, Miren Manterola, Miriam Garlo, Narges Bazarjani, Natalia Pastor, Rebeka Elizegi, Soniya Amrital Patel, Teresa Blanco, Virgina D´Angelo, Virginia Rivas, Yolanda Lalonso and Cristina Recio and Susana Sánchez Carballo as guest artists.

Political Art and Gender Exhibition "CC Padre Mugica"
"Emancipated Bodies"

November 2019

Political Art Exhibition Loyalty "CC Padre Mugica"
"Unity + Loyalty"

October 2019

Political Art Exhibition Sovereignty "CC Padre Mugica"

July 2019

Political Art Memory Exhibition "CC Padre Mugica"
"Cartoneros second version"

March 2019

Collective exhibition

"Women are Ours"