2003 - 2005

I created this series for my thesis in 2003, when I graduated as Bachelor in Visual Arts from UNA (Universidad Nacional de las Artes). The idea of modelling interwoven wires arose after the series El Agujero, when my urge to make lighter sculptures became evident. So, I worked with cement in small layers, covering the modelled mesh almost exactly as the maximum volumes of the figures represented. I was enchanted by the transparencies and the lines that were projected when a light was brought closer to the work.

It is due to those experiences that I propose, in this series, to strip my sculptures of their structure, and through them, manifest my vision on the place that women occupy in patriarchal societies. The subtleties of the light filtering through the metallic mesh when it reinforces the design of crucified figures on the wall like sculptural sketches, augments and adds to the concept.

This series include a diptych and a triptych, a female figure in the same 2 x 3 m mesh. The concept shows, that although women and men are dominated and submerged by the patriarchy, women are the ones who suffer the greater atrocities within these societies. With this series I began my feminist activism in art.