1994 - 1995

In these series I create paintings with asphalt paint, and sculptures with cement using the direct modelling technique, finishing them with a tar patina. This series is closely related to the death of my father. I did it while mourning, between 1994 and 1995. The compressed and oval space that surrounds the characters reveals the feelings of loneliness and pain that are deepen in absolute solitude.

The paintings measurements range from 1.20 m x 1.50 m to 2 m x 2 m. This is a series of 10 paintings and 6 natural size sculptures in 90 cm x 40 cm x 30 cm.

One of the sculptures was presented in the Salón Nacional (National Hall) in 1995.

The entire series, by the end of that same year, was showcased in the music cable channel MUCH MUSIC, and had a lot of press in TV and printed media as well. The network bought my works Fuimos a natural size sculpture, and the painting Y No Habrá Ni Olvido Ni P…