1992 - 1999

I created this series of ink on paper at the end of my Fine Arts Faculty studies at Escuela Nacional Prilidiano Pueyrredon in 1990.

Images of my neighborhood, characters that—in my memory—hint at a profound loneliness, and even though they look accompanied, they are still alone.

I named this series, Mi Buenos Aires Querido (Mi Dear Buenos Aires) after the most recognized Tango of that great popular myth, Carlos Gardel. 

The series speak of traditions, popular customs, daily activities that have become frozen in time and are waiting for someone to revive them. My grandmother is among those characters; I painted her with two right hands, a subtle way of evidencing, with tension, her fidelity to the patriarchal doctrine.

El Último Trago (The Last Drink), Bailando con la Escoba (Dancing With the Broom), Amor con Ruleros (Love With Hair Rollers), Pucherito de Gallina (Chicken Stew), are some of the names I have given the works in this series.