Building Identity

Tribute to the women of the 1st generation of Argentines in my family

Construyendo Identidad

Homenaje a las mujeres de la 1ª generación de argentinas en mi familia

"The national conscience is the struggle of the Argentine people for their liberation and identity." H. Arregui.

These 3 works entitled "In the courtyard of the conventillo", "La Doña y el finadito" and "La casadera", are the beginning of the series "Constructing identity", linked to the research project based at the National University of Art, “How do we see ourselves from ourselves? A look at national and Latin American thought from the visual arts DAV-UNA ”- director Prof. Oscar Marchetti-. To affirm that the National Thought is constantly modified, between thinkers and times, being undeniable the occurrence of historical processes in their own development, is not absolute. With this spirit and with the premise "the country is the other", as a discussion strategy, adding it to this artistic practice. Thus I put into play one of the categories designed by Alcira Argumedo, called "Thought Matrix", which establishes that National Thought is not merely the result of the production of illustrated classes, but, on the contrary, finds elaborations in artistic expressions , political or cultural of people, leaders and popular groups, which in many cases is expressed through a practice or action that does not have its connotation in books or academic productions. This allowed me to recognize patterns of thought in action and common epócal practices that mark a story. The women of my family were part, like thousands of other non-visible actors, in the foundations of National and Latin American Thought. There my tribute.